Traditionally when any leave or claims application is submitted, it contain some attachment of the original receipts or even the medical certificate when a person is sick. When it is being push from department to department for approval, sometimes the attachment gets dislodge from the form and the next approver has difficulties to justify the claims or leave.

With modern technology, all this problems are solved when an attachment is lodged, it does not gets lost, at every level of the approval, managers are able to view the softcopy of the attachment in image or jpeg format when it is required. BizCloud HRM uses the Google Drive link to store all your company attachment as it can be managed from the company level as it is hosted by Google drive (terms and conditions by Google drive for this usage). Google drive provide a free 15GB of space for this purpose.

We have a feature that companies can upload large files (preferable a zip file) that could be attached to the employee.