Face Recognition Attendance System

POS Market Face Recognition Device is our new live face scan device. Packed with powerful features such as detect and track 5 persons simultaneously shown on the screen, flexible detecting distance from 0.5 meters to 4 meters, works great under sunlight or night. This device comes with an attendance system, working together with a 3.5″ Touch Screen to capture attendance and access control.

The Face recognition attendance system offers simple and efficiently manageable HR software that provides a platform to maintain attendance records. The biometric face recognition system is rapidly becoming an essential tool for all HR departments to easily track employees’ time and attendance records.


Face Recognition Time Attendance Management System

Facial recognition is one of the best and simplest bio-metric technologies as the biometric technology uses only the person’s facial features for identification. This prevents various well-known HR issues and keeps human resource operations in order.


Eliminate Human Error

Facial recognition software provides employers means of tracking their employees’ attendance while eliminating human error such as wrong time or date recorded. This means keeping track of the exact amount of working hours for the exact working employee and the correlating payroll calculations. No “false overtime” to worry about!


No ID cards, badges, or other equipment is needed for the attendance system users. All you need is just your employee’s biometrics. Facial recognition offers good business value for the enormous saving of your money.


Contact-less Attendance System & Saves Time

This keeps employees hygienic and safe as facial recognition technology does not require any physical contact to clock in and out. It permits employees to look at the device for less than a second and they will be identified instantly. Facial recognition devices also remove the hassle of swiping staff ID cards, resulting in an efficient working environment.

Reliable Attendance System

Identification based on face detection allows your company’s employee attendance record to achieve very high accuracy. Using a reliable bio-metric attendance system is the first step of fraud attendance prevention e.g buddy punching. The face recognition system overall prevents fake check-in or check-out in favor of another employee.


Facial Recognition Application Areas

The attendance system is being implemented by many Malaysian SME for various purposes and across diverse domains, such as recording the attendance of students in colleges or schools, marking the presence of employees in companies, etc.






Construction Companies


Educational Institutions


Healthcare Organizations


Agriculture Industry




Service Industry


Security Company



Face Recognition Device Specifications

Dimension 195*85*32mm
OS Android 8.1 with Octa-core 1.5Ghz CPU, GPU support
Memory 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM
Screen 5 inch IPS screen with 800*480 resolution
Face Capacity 1,000 standard; optional 2,000/5,000
Log Capacity 10,000(auto override)
Face Verification Single and Multi face
Detecting Distance 0.5-4 meters, adjustable
Cameras RGB camera & Infrared camera
RGB camera Capture sensor Progressive scan CMOS
Resolution 1600*1200
Field angle 51’C
Focal length 3.5mm
Aperture F2.8
White balance Support
Exposure Support
Resolution 2.0 Mega Pixels
Infrared camera Capture sensor Progressive scan CMOS
Resolution 1600*1200
Field angle 51’C
Focal length 3.5mm
Aperture F2.8
White balance Support
Exposure Support
Resolution 2.0 Mega Pixels
Interface support RS-232 & RS-485; TCP/IP
Wiegand 26/34 output
2 Alarm inputs
Verification time <0.7S
Communication TCP/IP; WIFI(Optional)
Card Support IC Card(13.56Mhz)
Protection IP 42

3.5″ Touch Screen Specifications

Product 3.5″ TFT Resistive Touch Screen with SPI Interface
Resolution 480 x 320 resolution
No of Core 4 cores
CPU Clock 1.2 GHz
USB Port 4 x USB 2.0
HDMI 1 x full-size HDMI
WiFi Yes
Bluetooth Yes

Face Recognition System Video