If the leave type is not enough, you can create new leave type by
Go to e-Leave → Leave setting → Leave Type


Click Add New Leave to create new Leave Type
Select the common leave type example Annual Leave and you will be able to do all the necessary settings that are linked to your employee type for their leave entitlement based on their years in your company.


Features mentioned below covers all leave type namely;

  • Apply before and after the leave
  • Allow to carry forward, if yes what is the max carry forward, it is for lifetime or a maximum apply
  • Including non working day?
  • What is the Parent Leave Type?
  • Allow Carry Forward to exceed Entitlement
  • Allow Negative Balance
  • Earn Method by Anniversary, Monthly, Weekly or None
  • When can the earn start after how many months
  • Is this a 1 time usage?
  • Employee to apply by own
  • Supervisor can apply on behalf
  • To burn the leave how many time a year and which month to burn
  • Able to attached documents