Course Objectives

In this Human Resource Management course, you will learn how to use BMO HRM System to manage and operate human resource around the clock. Throughout the HRMS training course, we will show you how to set up HRMS for Leave System, Employee Claims System, Attendance System, Employee Payroll System, File & Document Upload, and Questions Bank Assessment (for employee performance annual appraisal forms / Performance Management System).

What you will learn

  • Course covers all HR needs with Leave System, Employee Claims System, Employee Attendance System and Employee Payroll System.
  • How to use those HR modules to support your current HR operations.
  • HR files and documents upload / cloud storage.
  • Question bank assessment system to help KPI assessment and inter-department knowledge transfer.
  • Get assistance from our professional support team via online.
  • Request HR system customization from our software developers.
  • How to train your staff to use our digital HRMS.

Course Overview

Session 1: Understand the problems and area of HRMS application

Session 2: Set up, operate Employee Leave & Claims System

Session 3: Set up, operate Employee Attendance & payroll System

Session 4: Set up, operate Cloud File & Document Storage System

Session 5: Set up Assessment system for KPI, annual appraisals and inter-department knowledge transfer

Session 6: HRMS Support and Software Customization

Course Duration: 16 hours or 2 days.

Trainer Profile

Mr HP Ang and Mr TY Wong have more than 20 years of programming knowledge and above 10 years entrepreneurship experiences. Throughout their entrepreneurship journey, they have built a robust HRM System to help various companies and small medium enterprises to improve productivity and reduce HR operation costs.

Name: Ang Hun Peng (HP Ang)

Role: Entrepreneur, Software Developer

Specialist in: Software Development

Name: Wong Thong Yng (TY Wong)

Role: Entrepreneur, Software Engineer

Specialist in: Software Engineering

Trainer Qualification

HRDF certified trainer

10 ++ years entrepreneurship

Director of companies

Microsoft Certified

Software Patent Inventor
(Patent No: MY-164259-A)

Computer engineering
and expert software developer

The qualification ensures that they able to understand the needs of enterprise and able to help general enterprise owner on how to expand and accelerate their business.