BizCloud Human Resource Management System

BizCloud HRMS provides you a fully integrated HR system that is able to simplify your human resource functions at the most affordable price. Our BizCloud Human Resource Management is a web-based business application and is accessible by a single login. You can access to e-Claim module, e-Leave module and payroll module by subscribing monthly to us; and even manage your company attendance after you installed our attendance hardware and software. Our BizCloud HR application is flexible and easy to use for small and medium-sized company. You can save your time and cost in managing your HR related functions.

BizCloud human resource management system is developed to provide one-stop center for businesses which is dedicated to manage and supporting all of their HR processes. Our HR modules are suitable for small and medium-sized company which up to 500 employees.

Manage HR Functions Internally

By subscribing to our BizCloud HRMS modules, our clients will have the option to maintain their HR functions internally and manage by their in-house employees. However, clients can choose to outsource their payroll activities to reduce cost of hiring HR employees to manage their HR records. By outsourcing to us, our clients only have to pay us processing fee at monthly basic and we will do everything for you. There are few package options available for our clients. You can either purchase all-in-one HR package from us or only subscribe monthly web-based application access with us. You can contact us for any additional requirement and also Custom Reports to suit your business needs.

BizCloud Human Resources Management System Module

e-Leave System

e-Leave module enable the employee to access

  • Leave application
  • Check leave application history
  • Check leave policy and balances
  • View by calendar for leave taken

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e-Claim System

e-Claim module enable the employee to access

  • Claim application with attachments
  • Print application form
  • Check claim status
  • Check claim policy and balances

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Attendance System

Attendance module for the employee to check

  • Employee daily attendance
  • Mobile Attendance records
  • Time sheet records
  • Auto sync attendance records from multiple branches or offline recording machines.

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Payroll System

Payroll module for salary calculation where

  • Employee can view and print their payslip
  • Auto calculate all statutory contribution of EPF, Socso and PCB on income / salary
  • Compliant to Labour Office requirement on Unpaid Leave based on payroll cycle number of days.

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Assessment System

Conduct effective employee performance appraisals with a fully customizable assessment plan.
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Cost Saving with BizCloud HRM

With our all-in-one HR package, you can manage your HR-related process by single login. You can:

  • Maintain employees personal record
  • Track on employees attendance
  • Manage employees claim report
  • Manage employees leave report
  • Manage employees payroll report
  • Submission of HR-related documents in align of government legislation

Our clients can save cost in various aspects with our BizCloud HRMS

  • Time to prepare and processing HR-related paperwork
  • Time for filling up forms and updating data accurate by employees
  • Create a smoother and systematic HR processes without high maintenance cost
  • Reduce staff cost in administer HR-related functions
  • Employer focuses on business strategy and generate more income


Training and Support

Our Business Management Online has been focused in developing web-based business application since 2007. BizCloud HRM system is developed in-house and being practices daily at Mobiweb. Our R&D team is knowledgeable on designing business solution development and practices. Our support team will be available and response on normal operation hours and we can guide you through team viewer or through call when you face any problems in using our HR software. We will assign one highly knowledgeable trainer to your site when necessary.