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GPS Tracking for Attendance System

E-Leave HRM Location-Based Mobile App Attendance System

For a company with a large number of field employees or with multiple sites and offices, it is important to have a system that can track the movement of your employees for attendance purposes. BizCloud is now equipped with GPS location capability. This functionality allows the system to record the GPS coordinates of your employees together with a timestamp at any given time and location. With this in place, your employees will no longer need to call in to confirm their location, instead, they can do so on their mobile device, and with a simple click of a button. The attendance will be logged into the system with time and coordinates that can be a review later on.

  • Captures employee’s GPS location
  • Real-Time Attendance viewed in e-Leave HRM portal
  • iOS & Android App available
  • Compatible with Tablet
  • Quick setup and cost-saving
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No additional hardware required
  • Free constant module updates

Mobile Time Attendance System With Geo-Location Tracking Capability

attendance system offline

With the help of the GPS, BizCloud will be able to record not only the time when your employee logs in but also the coordinates of their current position.

attendance system offline

This system will allow your employees to punch in their attendance using any devices at any location as long as internet and GPS are available.

attendance system offline

Time and location data will be recorded into the system in real-time, and are accessible on-demand from any browser.

User-Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface

Real-Time Update

Real Time Update

Date, Time and Location

Display Current Date, Time and Location

Google Map Live Location

Punch Location View with Google Map

e-Leave HRM Online Portal

HRM Online Management

Comprehensive Search Filters

Comprehensive Search Filters

Customizable Attendance

Customizable Attendance Type

Attendance Summary

Attendance Summary