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Digital HR can automate all the time-consuming administrative duties such as manually calculating and checking leave balance, processing payroll, etc. It can be problematic since it involves a lot of manual work. However, Digital HR offers an automated HR management process that auto-calculates employee leaves balance, records leave for payroll calculation, getting manager approval for all applications, etc. It can also simplify the payroll process as it will calculate everything automatically; you only require to check once before making payment. This automation allows HR to concentrate on more strategic tasks that require more evaluation and critical thinking.
e leave system automation
e leave document digitization

Document Digitization

All hard copy documents can convert into digital format too. There are many HR documents such as employee application form, personnel file, employment letter, monthly payslip, etc. For those companies with a high number of employees, HR might find it hard to manage all employee information on paper. With digital HR, HR can key in all employee details in the system, and it is accessible because they can access the data from anywhere, anytime. It can help to generate employee payslips directly in the system whereby reducing manual work of issuing payslips.

Offer Self-Service Tools to Employees

Digital HR also provides self-service tools to the employees. Without digital HR, employees need to submit their leaves or claims manually with paper. So, there are many stacked documents in the HR office. With Digital HR, your employees can view their information, submit leave or claim themselves, download payslip, etc. Additionally, it usually will come together with a mobile app. The use of the mobile app has simplified all submission and checking processes for employees. It is because they can do it at their fingertips without the need of opening a desktop version. All these technologies bring benefits to HR’s daily work.
e leave self service tools
e leave data analytics

Use Data and Analytics

There is data and information generated from Digital HR that helps HR start to interpret their employees. All these are real-time data that can be accessed through the system. Data such as employee voluntary and involuntary turnover rate, number of leave taken, lateness, and so on. How does this data bring meaning to HR? For example, absenteeism serves as an indicator of employee happiness; and a high involuntary turnover rate shows the company needs to improve the quality of new hires in the future. Therefore, data analytic allows HR to know more insights and make improvements towards employees and the company.