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Fingerprint Attendance System

Fingerprint Attendance System

e-Leave HRM’s Fingerprint Attendance System revolutionizes HR operations for SMEs by seamlessly integrating hardware devices with software solutions. This innovative approach merges cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces, offering SMEs efficient tools to manage employee attendance effortlessly. With access to various thumbprint attendance machines, designed specifically for tracking attendance, employees can clock in and out accurately and conveniently using fingerprint recognition technology. By eliminating traditional attendance tracking methods prone to errors and inefficiencies, our system streamlines HR processes, providing real-time visibility into attendance data for informed decision-making. Managers can monitor attendance patterns, identify trends, and automate tracking, reducing administrative burdens and freeing up time for strategic HR tasks. Overall, e-Leave HRM’s Fingerprint Attendance System empowers SMEs to enhance productivity, operational efficiency, and business growth.

Simple Attendance System

Easy Tracking Attendance

Data Accessibility


Offline Online
All attendance data is saved offline.
Auto or manual sync data to BMO cloud (BizCloud).
All attendance record can be download as Excel spreadsheet.
Attendance record can be accessed from the browser.
One-time payment.
All offline functions are maintained.
Monthly cloud subscription.

QR-WFP Attendance System


This package bundled with:

  • 5″ display with touch screen
  • Attendance Software
  • Attendance record will be stored in online or offline.
  • Easy storage and fully secured access to data anytime, anywhere.
  • Thumbprint can be used for taking employee attendance.
  • ** Optional: Sign up for Cloud Subscription RM50 per month for max 50 users.

U are U Fingerprint Attendance System


This package bundled with:
  • Attendance Software
  • Only requires the installation of Attendance Software and Fingerprint Reader on the PC.
  • Data are stored in the cloud system.
  • An attendance time-sheet report are generated.
  • Sign up for Cloud Subscription RM50 per month for max 50 users.
  • Employee Fingerprint Allocation: Up to two fingerprints per employee for identification purposes.
  • Unlimited Employee Storage: *T&C
  • Sync-able Fingerprint Data: Enables synchronization across multiple devices or locations for consistent authentication capabilities.