e-Leave System

BMO e-Leave System
No matter where you are stationed around, e-leave is accessible online via web browser – anytime. Manage your employees leave with highly configurable on approval and escalation flow system. Its auto-validation of entitlement for new hires, and other employee types, auto-computation of leave entitlement and reimbursement allow you to save time and hassle.

  • Employee self-service
  • Automated leave calculation
  • View team member’s leave in calendar form
  • Email approval or application approval
  • Customized corporate calendar setup (different rest day)
  • Multiple application and multilevel approval
  • Configurable leave entitlement setting for each employee type
  • Leave balances reflect in payroll
  • Accessible from web browser
  • Employee self-service
  • Personalize individual leave setting
  • Leave approval from Email or from Application
  • Notification of leave applications through Email
  • Multiple levels of approval
  • Leave calendar view
  • Automatic leave calculation

e-Leave features

Automated Leave Calculation

Automated Leave Calculation

Automated calculation and allow user to define leave policy including cut off method and leave entitlement according to government regulation, the years of service and other company policies. Unpaid leave is calculated based on employee’s monthly salary.

Define Leave Type and Company Holidays

Define Leave

Administrators can edit or create new leave types. They can setup different public holidays for national holiday and state holiday according to their region. Our system allow you to duplicate previous year holiday setting to save time and effort.

Leave Adjustment

Multilevel Approval

Readjustment of leave balance can be done with proper reasoning such as holiday replacement. Administrator can use this feature to manually adjust the amount of days for available leaves for employees.

Calendar View

Multilevel Approval

Company events, employees’ leaves and public holidays are tabulated in the calendar with different categories. The calendar feature a pictorial format to eliminate paperwork and for better human resource planning.

Multilevel Approval and Email Notification

Multilevel Approval and Email Notification

e-Leave supports multilevel approval within same and different level (AND/OR). The email notification will be first sent to the first level Approver and they can approve in application or email. Status will be updated in real time.

Unlimited Leave Scheme

Payroll Records

Define your management team and employee’s leave entitlement based on their employee group and their years of service. You can also add new leave type such as examination leave, casual leave, unrecorded leave and so on. See more on how to configure leave setting

Application History

Multilevel Approval

Employees can view the leave application status, leave balance, leave record through the system without troubling colleagues from the HR department. Similarly, all these data is visible to the HR administrator.

Leave Report

Multilevel Approval

Report feature allow managers to see subordinates’ leave balances and history. It acts as a reference guide in evaluating employee performance, as well as to prevent sick-leave abuse. The report can be exported to Excel format.