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HRM System Feature List

e-Leave HRM System Feature List

e-Leave HRM is a full-fledged and comprehensive HR management system covering multiple essential modules.
eleave hrm business models
Very Dynamic System
eleave hrm support team
Responsive Backend Developers
eleave apply leave mobile pc
Apply Leave via Mobile/PC
eleave hrm automatic leave entitlement
Automatic Leave Entitlement
eleave hrm attachment
Upload Leave Attachment
eleave hrm automatic link
Automatic Linked to System
eleave hrm different set of leave
Different Leave Entitlement
eleave hrm self service
e-Leave Self Service
Applying for leave by using HRM e-Leave System or by BizCloud App on your smartphone. Save cost and environmental friendly as no filling up forms required anymore.
eleave hrm policy
Entitled Leave Policy
Employees can view their entitled leave policy information such as the name of the approver, working hours, and leave records for the whole year.
eleave hrm calendar
View Leave Calendar

View the overall leave calendar on all the leave taken by your staff on a calendar month. Able to view whether the leave has been approved or pending by clicking the employee’s name.

View your team’s calendar when they made an appointment with respective clients or logged in a service report. It will be linked together with the leave calendar, giving you a better view.

Download the ‘BizCloud App’ from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for Free. Check for updates as our R&D team is doing their best for you to have the best experience.
eleave hrm approval workflow
Check Approval Workflow
Employees can check their approval workflow from the table in the HRM e-Leave System to see how many levels of approval needed.
Staff can view their leave application history in both HRM e-Leave System and BizCloud App.
eleave hrm colleague leave application
Colleague Leave Application
Help out your colleagues to apply for leave if they are unable to do so. The Head Of Department can apply for leave for the staffs.

Unapplied leaves in the system will be burned if employees did not apply them within the time frame.

View staff leaves history records in the report for the particular duration (Monthly/Yearly).

Leave application can be done using the BizCloud App. For iOS click here, for Android click here.

The attendance report can be generated real time, anytime, and anywhere.