Deliver job clarity for your employees. Make smart, data-driven decisions based on effective employee evaluations


A proper HRM system always helps to ensure smooth knowledge transfer between employees. With e-Leave HRM System, continuous feedback employee performance evaluation software you will be the first to know when employees need help or projects are at risk. The assessment can also help employees to keep up with the latest information and shorten the learning curve. We deliver job clarity with a simple evaluation process, this leads to happier, more productive employees and greater profits for your business.

Employee Evaluation
Productivity Analysis
Employee Recognition
Continuous Feedback
Delivering Job Clarity
360-Degree Feedback
Project Profitability

E-Leave HRM e-Learning module

Assessment Question

  • Build a question bank
  • Multi-selection question
  • Rating scale question
  • Subjective question
  • Option selections
  • Can print out questions and answers

Set Question

  • Build question set from question bank
  • The answer can be options, subjective, multi-selection, or rating scale.
  • You can assign questions to any employees to answer.

Assessment Set List

  • Assign and delete employee to a set

Answer Question

Employees will learn from tests created. For knowledge transfer.

  • When answering can or hide show answer
  • Can submit all
  • Can navigate easily
  • Can submit email (use leave approval superior)

Assessment Set List (Marking)

  • Can auto mark for multiple and option selection
  • Can do manual marking easily
  • Can print out question and answer

Everything you need to assess, analyze & improve team performance
the reliable and easy-to-use cloud base employee evaluation software trusted by businesses.


Business intelligence delivers clarity and efficiency

Organizations across Malaysia are seeing the benefits of employee evaluations associated with project profitability.

Effective Employee Evaluation

e-Leave HRM System, employee evaluation reports were built by experienced HR professionals. They include 900+ job goals for most industry types – everything from lines of code to items serviced.

Using our large database of job functions, you can better define what your employees are expected to achieve. Evaluating your employees on clearly-defined job expectations ensures they receive clear, actionable input that can be easily applied for greater productivity.

Our flexible evaluation program accommodates yearly appraisals, project-based evaluations, and 360-degree evaluations – all within a single appraisal software.

Relevance is the Key

Employee performance evaluation is critical to managing a business. Help your employees reach their maximum potential by clarifying their job function and giving them timely, actionable feedback.

Profitability Analysis

If you want to maximize growth in your business, you need to know where your profits are coming from. With e-Leave HRM employee performance evaluation software, tracking project profitability is no longer confusing, complex, or expensive.

Using actionable intelligence reports, built on real-time data metrics, you can easily and cheaply track which projects, and which employees, are driving the most profit to your company. This enables you to accurately forecast and improve profit margins.