Multiple Settings for Leave Policy


Every company has their own set of leave policy. We designed the leave management system to be as dynamic as possible to suit every business needs.

The table explains how to set up or modify the required categories for leave type setting. You can always edit the default leave setting to suit your requirement or create unlimited new leave type.

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Name Description
Leave Type Name associated to type of the leave.
Leave Code A shortcut name of the leave type.
Leave Description Detail Description about a leave type.
Apply Before (days) The number of days prior to leave application
Apply After (days) The number of days after leave application
Allow Carry Forward Yes: Unused leave can be carried forward to next calendar year
No: Unused leave will be forfeited upon the end of calendar year
Max Carry Forward Maximum days of unused leave that are allowed to be carried forward. If your company allows carrying forward leaves, then this field cannot be left as 0 (zero)
Carry Forward Lifetime Maximum days for a leave to be carried forward
Maximum Apply Employees are not allowed to apply leave if there is no available balance
Including non-working day? If leave taken must include non-working days (eg. Maternity Leave)
Parent Leave Type Leave type is under which parent category
Allow CF Exceed Entitlement Yes: Carried forwarded leave cannot exceed company yearly entitlement limit
No: No restriction on the maximum day of carried forwarded leave
Load When Register Yes: Leave entitlement will run immediately
No: Leave entitlement is based on your earning method
Allow Negative Balance Yes: Employees are allowed to apply leave, even if there is no available balance.
No: Employees are not allowed to apply leave if there is no available balance.
Earn Method New leave will be earned according to this setting covering anniversary (1st January), Monthly, Weekly and Never Earn.
Start Earn After If above setting is Monthly, how many months after joining.
Earn on Each If above setting is Weekly, earn on each Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday after joining.
One Time Usage Yes: Leave can only applied once
No: No restriction on the frequency
Allow Apply By Own Yes: Leave can only applied by the employee
No: Leave can only applied by their supervisor
Allow Apply By Supervisor Yes: Allow supervisor to apply leave on behalf
No: Do not allow supervisor to apply leave on behalf
To burn How many times a year to burn this leave.
You can set up to 12 times and the month to burn the leave.
Display On Web Yes: Display leave in the Event Calendar
No: Do not display leave in the Event Calendar
Need Attachment Yes: Attachment is compulsory for this leave (max file size 1MB)
No: This leave does not require any attachment