Guides: e-Claim System

Guides: e-Claim Set Up

Apply Claim

Employee can apply claim (e-Claim > Apply Claim) based on the claim limit setting done by the admin previously. They can submit multiple claims in one entry as well as include attachment ( JPEG, PNG, GIF)

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Claim Payment

Claim payment by payment voucher.

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Claim Shown in Pay Slip / Report

Claim can be shown via pay slip / report.

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My e-Claim

View claim application status and previous leave record through our user- friendly system (e-Claim > My e-Claim).

e-Claim Approval

The feature (e-Claim > Claim Approval) allows manager to check if there is any pending claim application.

e-Claim Reports

HR personnel can view overall claim submission and update payment status (e-Claim > e-Claim Reports). Payment can be reimbursed manually, by payment voucher or monthly payroll.