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Payslip Generation


e-Leave HRM Payroll system enables authorized personnel from your company to create payroll computation based on your company’s rules.

Our payroll computation is compliant to the requirement of our Malaysian Labour Law in calculating the deduction of Unpaid Leave based on the number of days in the payroll cycle to decide the amount used for the deduction.

From the payroll software computation, you can view that all statutory contributions from the employee and employer are listed based on the latest table from the statutory bodies.

Deduction of KWSP, Perkeso, SIP/EIS, and Income Tax are done based on the requirements of the companies.

There are 6 portions of the payroll computation to ensure that all calculations are correctly done namely Employee Info, Payroll Cycle, Income, Leave, Tax/Deductions, and Payroll Summary.

Payslip Elements

  • Employee Info
Employee name, payroll period, Socso tables, EPF tables, PCB Table & Category, SIP/EIS tables, and able to add remarks for the employee in their payslip.
  • Payroll Cycle
Show the payroll start date and end date, Currency, Number of Days in the payroll cycle, Basic Salary, and Daily Rate (used to calculate the Unpaid Leave amount).
  • Income
Employee’s monthly salary including all the allowances, claims and overtime will be shown here.
  • Leave
All taken leave within the payroll cycle will appear here including the number of days taken and balance of the leave. If there are any Unpaid Leave taken, the number of days and amount will appear based on the Daily Rate.
  • Tax / Deduction
All statutory contributions and tax deductions will be listed here including KWSP, Perkeso, SIP/EIS and Income Tax for Employee and Employer will be shown. Any other deduction from the company namely Tardiness will also be listed here.
  • Payroll Summary
Here the whole month salary is summarized into:
  1. Total Income
  2. Employee Taxes/Statutory Contributions
  3. Employee Leave Deductions
  4. Company Statutory Contributions
  5. Net Salary

Re-Calculate Function

If there are any alterations on the data from the system, the payroll personnel can click the Recalc button so that the payroll for that employee can be re-calculated based on the changes.


Our e-Leave HRM Payroll system, allow all employees to view their payslip once it has been created. The employee can choose to print it out a hard copy for their safekeeping.

Submission Of Statutory Contribution

e-Leave HRM Payroll system is automated with statutory contribution calculation. We comply with the Malaysian Labour Law requirement covering KWSP, Perkeso, SIP/EIS, and Income Tax. We allow our customers to select which allowances that are paid to the employees are affected by these statutory contributions.

These statutory contributions can be exported or printed in their normal hard copy for safekeeping while payment to these statutory bodies is made through online payment via each of their webpages for KWSP, Perkeso, SIP/EIS payment, and Income Tax.

Payment of the employee salary is also made easy as it is made through the company bank account.