Enhancing your HRM system with the MyKad Reader System

The MyKad reader system is a great benefit to add on to your HRM system. This reader can be implemented from the very start of an interviewing or a new employee process as well as completely change the way the Daily Records are approached, saving time, reducing carbon footprint by saving the use of paper as well as allowing for faster integration of information between departments like the Security Department, Purchasing, HR and more.


One would generally set an appointment with interviewees and alert the guardhouse regarding the schedule for the day, be it for an interview or a new employee coming in. The MyKad reader system can already be used at this stage to verify the right person is arriving for the interview or to fill the new position. This immediately reduces paperwork and cuts downtime in logging in visitors to the plant.

The benefits do not stop there. This can be implemented into the security system for the whole company where vendors, visitors and more can be logged in as a security measure as well as heightens screening of unwanted drop-ins, reducing crime rates and more


Next, the same system can ensure you reduce the rate of losing visitors Driving Licenses as these are legal documents usually given to the respective security personnel or Guard House in exchange for a Visitors Pass.


Lastly, the MyKad system can be integrated into any other system. It reads basic information such as name, gender, address, and others used in interviews. By retrieving information directly from the system, this reduces time and calls for a smooth process from the guardhouse to office and back.

MyKad Reader System
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MyKad Reader System
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MyKad Reader System
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Fields that can be read from the MyKad Reader Device and the BizCloud Software:

  • MyKad Number
  • Old IC Number
  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Address, Town, Postcode, and State
  • Citizenship

MyKad Reader (PWP POS Bundle)

  • Model: EZ100PU MyKad Reader
  • Price: RM199 (PWP POS Bundle)

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