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Bizcloud Attendance System

Bizcloud Attendance System

Keep track of your employee work hours for better wages calculation. Need not worry about buddy punching again. Our paperless attendance system features an 8 inches tablet, paired with a fingerprint reader and RFID reader*. We built the attendance system by our own that works perfectly with e-Leave, e-Claim and Payroll system – no integration and incompatible issue. [one_third]
  • Multiple branches or locations support
  • Data is sync daily and can be captured in real time
  • Edit or update employee clock in/out data by admin
  • Access timesheet data anytime from web browser
  • Integrate with Payroll system
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  • Availability of Bizcloud Mobile Attendance app – both in iOS and Android formats
  • Able to view LOCATION or MAP view (with GPS coordinates) on the Online HRM Attendance list
  • Admin able to access ‘monthly view’ for online attendance
  • Admin able to VIEW & MODIFY employee daily time sheet records
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  • Able to auto sync OFFLINE attendance with ONLINE attendance records
  • Able to capture FINGERPRINT & RFID reading
  • Able to support records from MULTIPLE branches 7 points altogether

Managing Employees Attendance

Employee attendance is important for a company. As all company need to keep a record of employee working time for SOCSO claim in Malaysia, or any worker insurance related matter. It is also vital to calculate employees’ working hour. In our design, we assume there are two types of attendance system needed.
hrm attendance
Single location Where there only one station needed. All the data collected and send to cloud based HRM system.
hrm attendance
Multiple locations Where there are branches, or locations, and the data all sync to cloud based HRM for further processed by HR department.
Our approach is to make the system as simple and easy to use as possible. It is running on a simple hardware.
Windows tabletA small 8 inches windows tablet cost RM 800 is sufficient.
Finger print readerA USB finger print reader for bio-metric identity.
Locking kitTo lock the tablet.
attendance device big Put this device to replace traditional access, clock in-out device, etc. [one_half] attendance system offline [/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] attendance clock options [/one_half]


Sync data onlineBy login to online HRM, you can view all attendance records
Employee managementThe online HRM offer easy and comprehensive employee management
BackupThe employee data are stored online
MaintenanceYou do not need a MIS team to manage the system


The attendance system is totally capable of running without internet. When there is no internet, all data will be store locally. When there is internet, you can choose to sync the data online, or keep it offline. This is particularly important in a lot of locations without internet. And with tablet, it can even work for a few hours on batteries. Please contact us for demo session or online demo session. [one_half] offline attendance report The attendance report offline. [/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] online attendance report The attendance report online. [/one_half]