Attendance System

Keep track of your employee work hours for better wages calculation. Need not worry about buddy punching again. Our paperless attendance system features an 8 inches tablet, paired with a finger-print reader and RFID reader*. We built the attendance system by our own that works perfectly with e-Leave, e-Claim and Payroll system – no integration and incompatible issue.

  • Multiple branches or locations support
  • Data is sync daily and can be captured in real time
  • Edit or update employee clock in/out data by admin
  • Access timesheet data anytime from web browser
  • Integrate with Payroll system

Multiple Branches Attendance System


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BMO attendance system offers a unique solution to multi-branches owner to easily monitor and manage employee time attendance. The idea is simple,

  1. Set up employees profile
  2. Install attendance terminal on every branches
  3. Employees scan in and out at their working location
  4. Data is stored in the cloud and can be captured in real time
  5. Admin will have the real time attendance list online

Employee type

BMO Employee Type

Set up employee type including permanent employees, contract employees, unconfirmed employees, internship, part time employees with adjustable probation period, leave and claim setting.

Work Pattern

BMO Work Pattern

Define working pattern for each employee on 3 days a week, 5-days week, shift or weekend basic. Work Pattern can be added or edited at any point of time.

Attendance list

BMO Attendance List

View Attendance list in real time. BMO Attendance system can program different rules on calculating overtime hours and lateness to suit your business policy.