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BizCloud HRM System for SMEs

Why BizCloud HRM System is the best option for SMEs

BizCloud HRM System is a simple and integrated HR software solution for SMEs. We develop the system in-house with a team of highly experienced and specialized people based on the legislation requirement in Malaysia. We are committed to help SMEs overcome their business obstacles and deliver customer satisfaction which can lead to achieving business goal.

Small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) are started-up by independent businessman which employs fewer employees in performing daily job functions. Unlike large companies, small businesses often cannot afford to set up a dedicated human resources department to deal with HR issues. Each employees in SME may have multiple responsibilities which is critical for them to focus in their core responsibility. They might often consume their time by day-to-day operational activities such as hiring, payroll management and so on. Since some of the SMEs can’t really have the extra financial resource and time resource, there is an increasing trend in outsourcing HR functions to the HR-talented people. By outsourcing your HR functions to us, you can reduce the risk in getting underpaying penalty,overlooking employee leave payment or breach the law in terminating an employee. In other words, you can manage your HR-related functions more efficiently and effectively without the need to invest in expensive HR software or system. SMEs can redirect their resource to their core business and gain their own competitive edge in the market.

Key drivers for HR Outsourcing

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What drives SMEs to outsource their HR functions includes:

  • To cut down operation cost with enhanced performance
  • To access HR-talented skills which can improve HR functions
  • Greater focus on core business
  • Greater flexibility to adapt the changing business environment

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With BizCloud HR outsourcing, we can provide you flexibility, cost effectiveness and integrated HR systems within small companies. It also encourages SMEs to concentrate on their core business. The greatest benefit is SMEs can save cost in implementing their own in-house HR system in order to manage their HR functions effectively.

Our clients can gain real peace of mind because your HR obligations are being managed in accordance to the rules and regulations. You will reduce your concern in getting fines and penalties when you have got your HR compliance right.