e-Claim System

E-Claim helps to facilitate online submission in a transparent and efficient way. It is easy to use by both admins and employees for their management of online claims submission, including all claims under their benefits, and reimbursable expenses on ad-hoc basic such as traveling, transport, entertainment and so on. Approval is based on multiple levels that can be varied by employee category set-up.

  • Accessible from web browser
  • Employee self-service
  • Multiple claim submission
  • Configurable employee type to have different limits, maximum claims, approval and other claim setting
  • Claim payment can be done via:
    • Payment voucher
    • Payroll (reflect in employee payroll)
    • Manual update
  • Personalize individual claim setting
  • Attach claim form or image online
  • Claim approval from Email or from Application
  • Multiple level of approval
  • Claim shown in pay slip/report

e-Claim features

Multiple Submission and Attachment Support

Define Income

BizCloud e-claim module allows employee to include attachment (JPEG, PNG, GIF) during submission. You can also submit multiple claims in one entry to reduce administrative time and effort.

Multilevel Approval and Email notification

Multilevel Approval

It supports multilevel approval for same and different level (AND/OR). Approval will be triggered by Email and can be approved by application or email. Employees can check the details of the approval process.

Maximum Claim Limit Control

Payroll Generator

The e-Claims module provides maximum flexibility in setting up and managing user defined parameters such as maximum claim limit ( per visit, daily, monthly, yearly and so on)

Claim Payment

Payroll Records

You no longer have to scan, index, and shred paper with our paperless claiming system with the seamless integration with Payroll for payment. Claim payment can be made manually, by payment voucher or include in payroll.