3.1 Company Info

5.2 Leave Approval set

Approval set in Employee data Employment tab


Multi-level approval table

5.0 Leave Multi-Level Approval

Go to HR > Approval Setting > Approval Set.
Then click on “New Approv.”.
Type your name and click “Save”.
You can click “Edit Approval Table” to edit your name.

Next click the “+” to add approval type name.
Click on “Search icon” button.

You can select any employee to approve.

5.1 e-Leave – Multi-Level approval

4.7.3 View Leave Report

4.7.2 View Leave Application

4.7.1 View UPL Report

4.7 View e-Leave Report

You can view and export this e-Leave report with all the leave type with the taken and balance listed for each leave type

4.6 View Leave Approval

You are able to view, approve or reject all leave applications from your subordinates or employee under your supervision here.

4.5 View Leave Calendar

On this view you can see all the leave taken by your staff on a calendar month. You are also able to see each leave by clicking the calendar beside the employee name to view how many days the leave and also if it has been approved or still pending. No reject and canceled […]