1. Login the BMO
    Go to https://login.bmo.my/padm/ to login.
  2. Go to e-Claim > e-Claim List
    To view list of claims, go to e-Claim > e-Claim List.

  1. Click Update Payment
    To update the payment claim, choose the user and click Update Payment.

  1. Click Claim & Payment Voucher
    The page below will appear after clicking Update Payment.
    Click Payment Voucher next.

  1. Click Update > Fill in Payment Voucher info for Claim > SAVE
    On Payment Voucher page, fill in the payment voucher for claim. Click SAVE.

  1. Payment Voucher for Claim is Issued
    User is able to view Payment Voucher for claims issued.
    Go to Ledger > Cash Book Entry > Cash Book Entry List to view.