BMO e-Leave System
Bizcloud HRM System is now available as an On-Premise version where the customer can own the software and be hosted in a web server at the their own premise. All the worry and concerns about someone else outside the company having information on your employees is now in your hands behind the firewall of the web server.

If you are considering the move to own BizCloud HRM and have it hosted at your premises, you will notice that the ownership cost over a period of 3 years and more will be in your advantage but the initial cost would require an upfront investment. Your investment can be capitalized and also depreciated according to your company’s policy. Allow you to have some amount of customization and flexibility to ensure the system is more tailored to your company’s usage.

This initial upfront investment is the ownership of the software, hardware for your web server including all the Operating System and Database licensing and an IT personnel to help you maintain this server. Other investment would be for you to get your current Internet Service Provider securing a fixed IP so that you are able to save and retrieve all your documents that are saved in the Google drive. All the documents that are stored in Google drive are subject to Google agreement.