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Personal Information Management

Clean and well organized employee information separated by tabs from Personal, System Account, Employment, Bank Info, Emergency, Family, Medical, Education, Certificates and Portal.

Every employee is only able to access their own information with tabs of Personal, Bank Info, Emergency, Family, Medical, Education, Certificates and Portal to ensure the information is kept from unauthorized access and changes. Basic changes of contact like address, mobile phone, email address and marital status, change in bank account, additional in the family and emergency contact.

Information of every employee is easily retrieve as it is centralized irregardless of where the employee is located in another branch or state. If departmental criteria is enabled, employees in the same department will be able to know which employee are in their department. Such collected information can assist each of the employee to make an inform decision when it come to collective matters like taking leave, arranging meetings and group discussion.

Information related to your payroll, are not found on your personal information management but only found in the payroll module to ensure of it’s information not compromise.