After displaying the leave approval table and administrator table, you can hide them when it is not needed. This can help you to save screen space. Below is a short guide on how you can hide those tables in e-Leave.

1. Go to BMO home page and click “Login”.



2. Login to your administrator BMO account.



3. In your BMO administrator account page, go to HR > Approval Setting > Approval Set to setup E-Leave approval.

BMO e-Leave administrator account Homepage

4. To hide Approval Policy table, click on “Approval Table” link at the last column (Action column) beside the Administrator table.

BMO e-Leave Approval Policy Table BMO e-Leave Select Approval Table Link

5. To hide Administrator table, click on “Edit Approval Table” as indicated below.

BMO e-Leave Administrator Table BMO e-Leave Select Edit Approval Table BMO e-Leave Original Leave Approval Type Table