Components included in Basic Attendance Terminal Bundle 1:

1 attendance system package BMO Attendance Software (Offline)
2 10 inch windows 10 tablet 10 inch Windows 10 Tablet
3 fingerprint RFID Card Reader
4 tablet locking kit Tablet Locking Kit
Additional Purchase with Attendance Terminal Bundle 1
attendance system online BMO Attendance Software (Online) RM75
per 100 employees
It is recommended to purchase BMO Attendance Software (Online) so that data set in the attendance terminal can be recorded onto your company’s main server.
Attendance Device with Fingerprint Scanner

Attendance Terminal Bundle 1

Price: RM1638

How does e-Leave BMO Attendance Software work?

attendance system interface

attendance system select choice

You can use this Attendance Terminal Package 1 to:

  1. Have your employees scan their RFID employee card to check in/ check out of the office
  2. Set your employees’ type and work pattern (part-time workers, permanent workers, contract workers)
  3. Have all applied leaves recorded into employees’ attendance report (Only with the use of e-Leave System)
  4. Keep track of every employee’s punctuality
  5. Record attendance anywhere as it is light-weight and portable
  6. Accumulate data into main server (with BMO Attendance Software (Online)

To Start Recording Employees’ Attendance:

  1. Launch BMO Attendance Terminal Application
  2. Check in your finger-print
  3. You will be prompted with “Select Action” window
  4. Select Action (Start work, End work, Lunch time). Setting can be customized

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