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BizCloud Attendance App

Check out our BizCloud Attendance App now to make
your attendance management much more efficient and
connected to your employee payroll and attendance

  1. Seamless integration
  2. Easy to use
  3. Ready updates
  4. Excellent data collection
  5. Geo-tracking attendance



Welcome to Bizcloud Human Resource Solutions

Our Bizcloud HRMS consists of four main modules:

  1. Attendance System
  2. e-Leave System
  3. e-Claim System
  4. Payroll System
  5. Employee Assessment

Reliable and Affordable HR Solutions for Your Company


HR Outsourcing Service

We offer SMEs the best and cheapest HRM outsourcing service to help
you manage your day-to-day HR related processes with our in-house systems.

We can help you to:

  1. Corporate Cost Down
  2. Streamline Internal Process
  3. Focus on Core Competencies
  4. Improve HR Compliance
  5. Improve Accuracy of Data.

Attendance System

Keep track of your employee’s work hours for accurate salary calculation.

  • Multiple branches employee attendance, auto sync to the cloud
  • Phone attendance login with GPS location awareness
  • Comprehensive attendance reports

e-Leave System

Manage your employees leave applications with an easy to configure flow process with custom tailored approval route

  • Web based leave application
  • Automatic accrued leave
  • Auto leave entitlement calculation
  • Multiple level email approval

e-Claim System

Efficient access for admins and employees to manage and process claim submissions, benefits and approvals.

  • Web based claim application
  • Multiple levels e-claim approval
  • Upload and safe keep claim documents

Payroll System

Allows admins to generate monthly pay slips for employees through online payroll system. Simple design, ease of keeping track employee salary and employee taxes.

  • Generate pay slips via web application
  • System is integrated with claims and leave accrued
  • Complete and customizable settings

Employee Assessment

Conduct effective employee performance appraisals with a fully customizable assessment plan.

  • Efficient employee appraisal scheduling
  • Constant knowledge transfer
  • Online employee assessments


Starts from RM50/month

Get the highest level of convenience with no need for upgrades nor any need for extra hardware with our On Cloud HRM Service. Access your account anywhere for optimum convenience.

  • No software or servers on premise
  • Access to web site from mobile or PC for HRM operation
  • Centralized and low maintenance cost

Starts from RM1800

Capitalize your investment on software and hardware with the ability to personalize and customize the On-Premise HRM system. The assurance of a secured data within your environment is priceless and perfect for high security organizations.

  • Host server in your office
  • One time charges
  • Great for high security organizations

Starts from RM250/month

Outsource your HR functions to us and focus on your core competency. You can save costs and improve your HR effectiveness.

  • Access to HRM modules
  • Save admin time and resources
  • Low maintenance cost

Monthly Online HRM system

Monthly online access to :

  • Attendance System
  • e-Leave System
  • e-Claim System
  • Payroll System
  • Employee Assessment

From RM100

Monthly HR Outsource

BMO HR outsourcing includes:

  • Help you to manage payroll
  • Generation of payslip, etc.
hr outsource service


per 100 employees / month

Have more than 100 employees?

Affordable HR outsourcing service for SMEs. Our outsourcing service is developed by our experienced in-house R&D team. We make sure our service meet your company standards.

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Product Demo

Take a look at our Online Human Resource Management Solution. Access all your
employee history, current and in-progress leave and claims application with precise
details online, anywhere. Retrieve leave and claims data for internal management easily.

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Product Demo



Bizcloud Android App is FREE of charge. Using Bizcloud App with Leave Management System you are able to:

  • View shared calendars
  • Apply leave via the app
  • Get employees lists & info via the App
  • and Many MORE!
bmo leave management system android app
Employee List
bmo leave management system apply leave
Apply Leave Online
bmo leave management system calendar
Company Leave Calendar
bmo leave management system leave policy
Company Leave Policy

The Bizcloud Leave Management System Android App can be installed into your employees phone to help them manage their leave better.