HRM GPS Attendance System

HRM Attendance System now comes with Geo-location Capability.
The system will now record the location data of your employees along
with the current date and time whenever and wherever they punch-in.
With this in place, your employees will no longer need to call-in to confirm
their location, instead they can do so on any GPS enabled device with
a simple click of a button.


Welcome to BMO Human Resource Solutions

Our BMO HRMS consists of four main modules:

  1. e-Leave System
  2. e-Claim System
  3. Attendance System
  4. Payroll System

Reliable and Affordable HR Solutions for Your Company


HR Outsourcing Service

We offer SMEs the best and cheapest HRM outsourcing service to help
you manage your day-to-day HR related processes with our in-house systems.

We can help you to:

  1. Corporate Cost Down
  2. Streamline Internal Process
  3. Focus on Core Competencies
  4. Improve HR Compliance
  5. Improve Accuracy of Data.


e-Leave System


  • Accessible from web browser
  • Employee self-service
  • Personalize individual leave setting
  • Leave approval from Email or from Application
  • Notification of leave applications through Email
  • Multiple levels of approval
  • Leave calendar view
  • Automatic leave calculation

Attendance System


  • Availability of Bizcloud Mobile Attendance app – both in iOS and Android formats
  • Able to view LOCATION or MAP view (with GPS coordinates) on the Online HRM Attendance list
  • Admin able to access ‘monthly view’ for online attendance
  • Admin able to VIEW & MODIFY employee daily time sheet records
  • Able to auto sync OFFLINE attendance with ONLINE attendance records
  • Able to capture FINGERPRINT & RFID reading
  • Able to support records from MULTIPLE branches

e-Claim System


  • Accessible from web browser
  • Personalize individual claim setting
  • Attach claim form or image online
  • Claim approval from Email or from Application
  • Multiple level of approval
  • Settlement of claim payment via:
    1. Payment Voucher
    2. Payroll
    3. Manual update
  • Claim shown in pay slip/report

Payroll System


  • Generate monthly report
  • Manage multiple salary structure
  • Detail representation of pay slip
  • Detail payroll report in PDF
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Automatic calculate EPF,SOCSO and PCB contribution based on government legislation
  • EA form can be generated year end
  • Easy-to-use Payroll Generator
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We are providing HR outsourcing service for SMEs now!

Outsource your HR functions to us and focus on your core competency.You can save costs and improve your HR effectiveness.

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Bundle 1

Basic Attendance System

Package 1 includes:

hrm system Bundle 1

Package Info


one time payment

hrm system packages

Bundle 2

Basic Attendance System

Package 2 includes:

hrm system Bundle 2

Package Info


one time payment

hrm system catalog

All in One Attendance System

All in One Bundle includes:

hrm All in 1 Bundle


one time payment

Monthly Online HRM system

hrm online system

Monthly online access to :

  • e-Leave / Attendance
  • e-Claim / Payroll

Package Info

From RM75

per 100 employees / month

Add RM5

per employees / month

Monthly HR Outsource

BMO HR outsourcing includes:

  • Help you to manage payroll
  • Generation of payslip, etc.
hr outsource service


per 100 employees / month

Add RM10

per employees / month

Have more than 100 employees?

Affordable HR outsourcing service for SMEs. Our outsourcing service is developed by our experienced in-house R&D team. We make sure our service meet your company standards.

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Product Demo

Take a look at our Online Human Resource Management Solution. Access all your
employee history, current and in-progress leave and claims application with precise
details online, anywhere. Retrieve leave and claims data for internal management easily.

Register with us now to get product demo via team viewer!

Product Demo


handwithphone-androidBMO Android App is FREE of charge. Using BMO App with Leave Management System you are able to:

  • View shared calendars
  • Apply leave via the app
  • Get employees lists & info via the App
  • and Many MORE!

The BMO Leave Management System Android App can be installed into your employees phone to help them manage their leave better.

bmo leave management system android app
Android App Login
bmo leave management system apply leave
Apply Leave Online
bmo leave management system calendar
Company Leave Calendar
bmo leave management system leave policy
Company Leave Policy

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