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4.4 Colleague Application (Supervisor)

4.3 Apply Leave

4.2 Leave Policy

4.1 e-Leave Application History

Here you are able to view leave made by you and also choose to cancel the leave you made before or after it has been approved if it was made wrongly.
You can also check the approval table of who has pending, approved or reject your leave application.

4.0 Using e-Leave Module

Transaction of e-Leave consist of the following:

e-Leave Application History
Leave Policy
Apply Leave
Claim Leave
Colleague Application
View Leave Calendar
View Leave Approval

Reports of e-Leave are as follows:

View e-Leave Report
View UPL Report
View Leave Application
View Leave Report

3.5 Create New Employee

3.4 Leave Type

3.3 Employee Type

3.2 Group Permission

3.0 e-Leave Module Setup

To start using the above module, there are some initial settings that needed to be created first if you are using our applications for the first time, else please go directly to Group Permission.