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1.0 Register BMO e-Leave

Before you can start using BMO e-Leave, you need to register for an account. The account you created will be the main administrator’s account.

2.0 Login to BMO

For easy access to your BMO dashboard, you may refer to the following guide.

3.1.1 Setup Leave Type in BMO e-Leave

In BMO online leave management system, there are default leave types created for your company's HR convenience. For more flexibility, BMO e-Leave allows you to add multiple leave type to suit your company's leave requirements.
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BMO e-Leave allows you to adjust each type of leave in the Leave Type Setting as well. Adjustment for e-Leave setting is important as it will affect the e-Leave application. In other words, it decides the total days of leave and the system will only process the leave for employee who match the e-Leave requirements.

3.3 Employee Type in e-Leave System

Defining the employee designation leave type will determine the amount of leaves and time off which they are entitled too.

3.4 Leave Entitlement (Leave Policy) in e-Leave

You need to assign the leave policy to individual staffs for better leave implementation. In Leave Policy, your employee can track his/her leave balance, types of leave available, superior in-charged for Leave Approvals.

3.5 Holidays in Online Leave Management System

Configuring the public holidays via BMO e-Leave will ensure precise leave entitlement for all employees and you can set which group of employees is eligible for the holiday.

3.6 Email Template in BMO e-Leave

BMO e-Leave has included an email notification feature whereby the BMO e-Leave system will email the employees leave application to their superiors accordingly and you can customise the templates.

3.7 Leave Adjustment in e-Leave System

As the main HR administrator, you can manually add in leaves directly into the employee's account and adjust to your company requirement.

4.0 Employee

It is equally important to properly setup the BMO e-Leave account for your employee to prevent errors,leave miscalculation and leave approval structure.